Meet Our Team

Science Slam Zurich is brought to you by a small team of current and former students passionate about science, knowledge, and fun events

Science Slam Zurich Team

Our team - from left to right: Mavi, Murezi, Benjamin, Jens

Mavi N. Polatoglu

    #Marketing #EventOrganization #SuperDuper

I am student at ETH Zürich and working part-time in IT’IS Foundation in the field of biomedical engineering. Things that excite me are engineering, science, rock ‘n’ roll, and pretty lights.

Murezi Capaul

    #Finances #Budgeting

Murezi has been with Science Slam Zurich for about a year. Being the treasurer, he must sometimes play the role of the fun-police. As opposed to the real scientists and engineers in the team, he is still in his health science and technolgy bachelors, looking to get the degree in 2020.

Benjamin Schneider

    #Website #EventProduction

Benjamin joined Science Slam Zurich back in 2016 while working in software engineering in the events industry out of a passion for organizing events and learning about new topics. Currently studying Computer Science and Economics in Zurich, he takes care of all online activities and helps producing our events.

Jens Duru

    #Communications #Translator

Jens, 25 - recently graduated from ETH Zurich with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and is currently trying to do some scijens as a PhD student.